Friday, 3 October 2014

Home Manager

Home Manager application is a application which is developed by Rizor Soft Production and the developer is Debabrata Panigrahi. This application helps you to keep the data of your purchased items,bill payments etc to avoid further paying. This application makes a clean record of your home accounting then the record you store in a pen paper model.

In the trial version we have omitted several features like Utlities, Reminder for Bill Paments,
Day Wise Item Listing etc etc. To get the Main version of this application interested users can e-mail me at : "". The price of the application is Rs.250/- Indian Rupees.

             If any application developer want the source code then contact me at : "". This application is written in C# Programming language and SQL to manage databases. The price of the source code is Rs.550/- Indian Rupees.

Download Links Of The Trial Version
Download For Windows 7 [.NET 3.5]
Download For Windows 8 [.NET 4.5]

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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Login Manager


Generally people forget their website username and passwords, e-mail username and passwords and important web addresses, the important educational websites addresses for their children which necessary for their education.

But by this application such types of problems are going to be solved. I named this application as "Login Manager". This application will save all your web addresses, username and password of e-mail or website in a secure way. So that there will be no confusion and fear of theft of your valuable username and password.

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Application Overview

This is a completely free application developed by Team Paradox X, Developed By: Debabrata Panigrahi.

When you execute this application the following window will appear first.

If you already created a User Name and Password previously then login to the application otherwise click on Sign Up button then the following window will appear.

Fill up the form and click on "Ok" button and then a message will be displayed on the window informing you the conformation of your ID creation and returned to the login window when you press the "Ok" button of message box.

Then press the refresh button to get your user name in the list. And then enter your password to login to the main window.
Then add all your important details using "Tools" in the menu bar.
The Download Link will be provided soon... :)

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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

RIZOR Key Finder

This key finder application will help you to find the product key of Windows 7 and Windows 8 including both 32 - and 64 - Bit OS.

Download Here

Thursday, 26 December 2013

RIZOR Seasion Timer

RIZOR seasion timer is a software which show you the computer up time. This is the image of it's trial version, The software is steel under construction. I will upload the software while completed. If you want any personalization features in it then leave a comment.

Download : Download Here